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2017 New Year Message: Are You Ready?

Update 7/18/19:  My club still uses the flag but we’re now called Cabal Fang Temple, and we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity.  Visit our website or purchase our 12-week personal growth program at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, or wherever fine e-books are sold.

When I founded the martial art of Cabal Fang back in 2008, and then started the Order of Seven Hills martial arts club in 2009, I did it because I thought my martial art could change the world.  I still do.

Sound crazy?  It ain’t.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this video.

And when you’re done, and you want to know more about Cabal Fang, pre-order a copy of the new Cabal Fang manual that’s releasing on 2/1/2017.

Happy New Year!

Let it Pass my Children, Let it Pass

wpid-20150625_180107.jpgTime is malleable.  In the hands of a toddler, an ice cream cone lasts a year.  A seven-year-old’s scraped elbow stings for a century.  Teenage heartbreak is an endless, inescapable salt flat stretching a thousand miles in all directions.

As adults we assuage and calm our children when they struggle with the endings.  Tears come with the melting of the cone and the scraping of the elbow.  We hold them and talk them through the barrenness of freshman breakups, knowing it will pass soon enough.  Though our hearts may ache for them, we know it’s not the end of the world.  We’ve been there.  We know the way.  Older, wiser, we hold their hands and let it pass.

All things come to an end, and more often than not, that’s a good thing.  Too many ice cream cones will rot your teeth and make you fat.  Scraped elbows teach care and caution.  That boy was a bad influence, that girl was destroying your self-esteem.

This week we broadened the definition of marriage and a hero named Bree Newsome took down an outdated, offensive flag.  Some adults are shouting and pouting, stomping feet at the melting cone, terrified of antiseptic on raw skin, suffering through breakups with adolescent angst, behaving like children when sunset arrives, unable to see that a better day is dawning.

Relax my children, process your lessons.  Just breathe and let it pass.

Modern Knowledge: Martial Arts for Change

Once again Disinfo has gotten my wheels turning.  This time they’ve done it by posting the video below, in which Chris Russak and David Whitehead from Modern Knowledge illustrate a couple of martial arts moves and discuss the concept of redirected and reflected force as it relates to both self-defense and resistance against corporatism, Big Brother, and the military industrial complex.

Martial arts are at their best when they serve some higher purpose, be it social, spiritual, or developmental.  Without it they are just a scientific approach to hurting people.

Hurting people is easy.  Changing the world is hard.

As the late great Joe Lewis once said to me after a training session, “Mitch, if a guy has to study martial arts to learn how to kick someone’s ass, well that’s just sad.  Martial arts should be about more than that, and besides, a guy should just naturally be able to kick ass if he needs to.”