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There are films and there are movies. When you imagine the possibility that a cinematic production might deeply touch or even change someone’s life, you probably think of a great film, a self-important, artsy-fartsy kind of film.

But in this case it was an action flick.

I hate to hear the term “serious art.”  It implies that some art is not serious, that it is inherently lesser.  We don’t know what is in the artist’s heart, and even if we did, what difference does that make? 

Art is art.  That black light Jimi Hendrix poster you got on eBay and tacked to your ceiling may be your personal Sistine Chapel. 

I’m not saying that all art is equal in terms of the depth of symbolism, the skill required, the time investment, and the various metrics.  All I’m saying is that I/we shouldn’t be so ready to look down our noses at stuff.

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