Last Chance Deal and Your #CABALFANG #WOD

First let’s get to today’s Cabal Fang WOD.  Hike and Cane (or secondary weapon) Practice:  Hike away from home with 30% body weight pack for 1 mile minimum (a local park or abandoned lot is a nice destination).  Leaving your pack on, stop and drill with your practice weapon for 10 mins — all strikes, all angles, both hands, etc.  Hike back and you’re done.

Calis Codex cover final for webWhat’s this about a last chance deal you ask?  Time’s running out to pre-order The Calisthenics Codex for $2.50.  Price doubles June 1st.

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About “The Calisthenics Codex” by Robert Mitchell Jr.:

Centuries old and still going strong, calisthenics remain the most effective and efficient way to get in shape and stay that way. Whether you are a beginner just starting out, a dedicated weekday or weekend warrior craving variety, or a hardcore athlete looking for a fresh perspective or a new challenge, “The Calisthenics Codex” has something for you.

Over 2,000,000 possible workouts! “The Calisthenics Codex” features 50 calisthenics, each fully explained, illustrated with photos, and arranged into lists that target your interests and fitness level. Choose one of 12 different workout types and then select exercises from 26 groupings like “Gym Class Flashback”, “Steampunk Nightmare”, and “Self Destruct Sequence” to create workouts that suit your goals, interests, and fitness level. The possibilities are virtually endless.

People who know the truth about functional fitness — from elite military forces to boxers, MMA fighters, models and actors — rely on calisthenics to realize their goals. Are you sick of not being in the kind of shape you want to be in? All you need to remedy the situation is a copy of “The Calisthenics Codex”, fifty square feet of available floor space in your basement, garage, den, or backyard, and a little bit of attitude and determination.

What are you waiting for?

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