Travel, Book Recommendation and #CABALFANG #WOD


I’ll be traveling this week, so after today, no WOD posts until next Monday. I did write a post for tomorrow though — not a WOD, but it’s a beauty.  See you next week!

BIKE (Warm-up for 18 mins, then ride AFAYC for 12 minutes, followed by cool down for 10 mins — 40 mins total).

Today’s book recommendation: In the background of the photo above you’ll notice the often joked about “Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross. Required reading for anyone pursuing the mystic path, this is a short but deeply moving and important book. Many people seem to think it’s just for those of Catholic faith. It isn’t. Read this powerful little tome and you’ll see why it’s title is now a universal phrase for the ultimate struggle preceding enlightenment.

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