A New Offer and Your O2Max WOD


Stay tuned for the WOD that follows this special offer because it is a real beauty.  Seriously. But first…

From now until January 1st 2016, if you sign up for the Cabal Fang Distance Learning Program,  which is only $10/month, you will receive $20.00 off any order at PTDICE.com  — and I’ll throw in a free t-shirt with your order.  Or, if you’d rather, we’ll give you your first two months free.  After you sign up, just email your preference to first.elder@cabalfang.com and we’ll either email you a PTDICE.com coupon code or refund you two months tuition.

What is the Cabal Fang Distance Learning Program like?  Look, you can’t learn martial arts by working out solo at home.  But what you can do is practice the fitness and the philosophy of Cabal Fang martial arts.   It works like this:

  • You’ll be keeping a training journal.  Each month you’ll scan and submit your journal for review and receive new assignments.
  • In addition to getting your body in shape with fitness drills, you’ll improve your mental and spiritual strength as well.   Cabal Fang philosophy is based on Hermetic concepts, the so-called “secret wisdom” of the Western Esoteric Tradition that pervades all great spiritual paths.  
  •  You’ll be given free self-exams (we call them “trials”) for rank advancement when you’re ready.  There are no additional fees for rank advancement, nor are there any hidden or surprise fees of any kind.
  • Very little equipment is required.   But if money is tight, we can assist with our wholesale supply accounts and/or give you instructions on how to make some of your equipment yourself.  About 100 square feet of training space would be great, but if you’re comfortable training outside, you don’t even need that.

This is an exciting, one-of-a-kind educational opportunity.  Take advantage of it while it lasts.

And now for your Workout Of the Day, a.k.a. your WOD.  Since it’s Mettlecraft* Month at my martial arts club, I decided to push it a little this morning.  Here’s a 30-minute O2Max WOD that’s one one the hardest workouts I’ve done this year.  Beware: This workout is not for beginners.  Monitor your heart rate and keep it within safe limits!

  1. Box.  Set timer for 15 mins and hit your heavy bag as hard and as fast as you can until it beeps, taking as few 12 second breaks as you can to avoid collapsing (I had to take 7).
  2. Calisthenics.  Set timer for 15 minutes and cycle through these exercises until it beeps, taking as few 12-second breaks as you can to avoid collapsing (I had to take 8).   Go to failure or 50 reps, whichever comes first of:


  • Diamond Push-ups
  • Front Lunges
  • Crunches, legs up
  • Bodybuilders
  • Half Squats
  • Bicycles



*Mettlecraft (noun) is a term we use in Cabal Fang that refers to the art or practice of cultivating one’s mettle.  What’s “mettle?”  The word mettle, which dates back to the 1500s, is a variant of the world metal.  It means courage, character, toughness, determination, endurance, and grit.

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