Two Birds: Punishing Evildoers and Saving Money

As you may have heard, the residents of Flint, Michigan are in crisis after it was “discovered” that the water supply was tainted with lead, the bacteria that causes Legionaire’s Disease, highly carcinogenic TTHM, and other contaminants.  I put “discovered” inside quotes because residents had been complaining about brown, foul-smelling water for almost a year before the story broke.

If you haven’t read it about, please do so.  If you have read about it, I’m sure you agree that Governor Snyder and everyone involved in poisoning the residents of Flint should be forced to compete in the next Kyokushin Kumite (see example below).

While we wait on that, here’s what you can do:

  1. Don’t buy bottled water.  Ever.  Just stop it already.  It’s bad for the environment in a million ways.  Nestlé is pulling thousands of gallons an hour from the Michigan aquifer and we’re buying it.  It’s early yet, but stories are starting to break that Nestlé’s drain may have contributed to Flint’s change in water sources.  And, it turns out, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s wife is a spokesperson for Nestlé.
  2. Tap water is really safe in most places in the U.S.  Drink that instead.  Doing so will save you about $100/year.  But if you want to make sure your water isn’t “flinternated” don’t buy bottled water.  Get a filter for your sink or fridge, or get one of those pitcher things.  Pitcher and faucet filters cost about $8/month, so that’ll break you even.  Fridge filters are about $60/year, so you’ll save you $40/year.
  3. Want to do something more tangible to help Flint?  Here’s a page full of links.

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