Cabal Fang WOOTW #5 Starring The Manassa Mauler

JD_CaptureIt’s really hard to learn how to box from a book.  Videos are better.  In person instruction is better still.

But if you have to learn the sweet science from a book, you should use Jack Dempsey’s 1950s classic entitled Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense.   Go figure — a guy with 83 wins and only 6 losses knew a thing or two about boxing.  Miracles never cease, eh?

In Honor of “The Manassa Mauler“, the Workout of the Week is…

Max Power Endurance Drill.  Warm up thoroughly.  Set timer to beep every 30 seconds.  Hit heavy bag with as much power and evil intent as you can for :30 and then rest for :30.  Then hit the bag with max power shots for two cycles, a total of 1:00, and then rest for :30.  Continue until you finish the 6th round which is 6 cycles of :30 or a total of 3:00.  13 minutes total — see table below.  Get ready, you’re gonna be gassed.

MAX POWER ENDURANCE DRILL Hit duration (seconds) Break (secs)
Round 1 30 30
Round 2 60 30
Round 3 90 30
Round 4 120 30
Round 5 150 30
Round 6 180 Finish (13 mins total)




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