Book Update, Writer Advice and a Friendly Request


coverBook Update (11/13/16):  [PRE-ORDER LINKS BELOW!] We finished taking the last of the photos yesterday!  All I have to do now is crop, edit and add them to the manuscript, do another  quick re-read and a final spellcheck before sending the file to the formatter.  I’ll have that done by 12/1.  Allowing time for cover creation, formatting and holiday delays, the eBook should be available  no later than 2/1/17.   Hardcopies should be available shortly thereafter!

Here are some pics from the photo shoot yesterday.  Wicked eh?

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Book Update (5/18/16): Draft copies of Cabal Fang: The Complete Study Course from Querent to Elder are now in the hands of my editorial team (a.k.a. the three people I could talk into critiquing it).

Writers Advice: Below find the instructions I gave my editors.  If your editor isn’t as compassionate as a meat cleaver and if you don’t have the courage of a .357 magnum, you need a new plan.  You can’t create art if you’re afraid of what people will think, and puerile criticism is a waste of time.  Smile at the executioner and put your neck in the rope.  It’s the only way to go.

A Friendly Request to my Friendly Friends and Devoted Readers: This book is going to be epic.  When you read it, you’re going to weep magical tears of joy that cause flowers to sprout up from the earth wherever they land.   So you should pre-order it immediately.  Here are the links:

Pre-order my the Cabal Fang Book on iTunes

Pre-order at Barnes & Noble

Pre-order it on from KOBO

This is the back cover of one of my favorite books. Check out the cool blurbs at the top.

This is the back cover of one of my favorite books. Check out the cool blurbs at the top.

And if you know of anyone notable in the martial arts or esoteric fields whom you think would be willing to read an advance copy and give me a book blurb, something like “If this book was a movie, it would be It’s a Wonderful Life – starring Steven Seagal!” please hook me up in the comments.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go convince my wife to take a couple of hundred pictures of martial arts techniques and persuade my daughter to create fifteen gorgeous illustrations — all in time to get this thing to the formatter by July 15th so I can hit the Sept 1st. release date.



Dear Editor:

I’m not looking for criticism of grammar and spelling and such.  What I’m looking for is insight into how to make this book as inspiring as possible.  I want this to be the most original, groundbreaking, and compelling martial arts book since Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do in 1973.  It needs to launch a movement to put spirituality back into Western martial arts for the first time since chivalry died.  I don’t need notes about verb agreement. 

So I need you to be BRUTAL AS @*#! and circle paragraphs and make notes like, “This is boring” or “This is the most pompous bat piss I’ve ever sniffed in my entire life” or “This made me want to Mike Tyson the Hermetic Quaternary on my face!”  

Thanks for your help,


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