Revisioning, Remodeling, Reinvigorating

This year I’ve been directing my focus toward responsibility and hard work.  When things aren’t the way I want them to be, I’m starting with the premise that it’s probably my fault and I’m probably not working hard enough.

So I recently asked myself if I’ve done everything humanly possible to show — not so say, or claim, but to really demonstrate — that Cabal Fang is a powerfully transformative and beautiful martial art capable of doing great things.  The answer was “no.” 

It struck me that the best way to convince people that Cabal Fang is beautiful on the inside is make everything about it beautiful on the outside. Beauty is an amazing saleswoman.

So I decided that I was going to make better, more interesting and more visually beautiful videos.  And the existing Cabal Fang Temple, which is need of some tender loving care inside and out, is getting a major face lift — before and after pictures below.

I asked myself if I’ve been doing everything humanly possible to raise money to for a new and expanded Cabal Fang Temple, one with space for classes, community events, and interfaith services.  The answer was “no.” 

So I launched an account at Patreon.  If you want to get exclusive patron-only content, get early access to videos and articles and generally support my mission, become a patron today.

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