Flashback! Workout of the Week #77

This week’s workout is partially a flashback to an old Cabal Fang WOD from Feb. of 2017 called the “777.”   But the internal portion involves your training journal.

If you aren’t keeping a training journal you are missing out.

Journaling is associated with better lifetime outcomes — mental health, productivity, financial success — it’s just an unparalleled life habit, period.  But if you add your martial and fitness workouts into the journaling mix, well, it’s just a ridiculously powerful tool.

Not doing it?  Fix that.

Workout of the Week #77: the “777”

  • Heavybag.  Set timer for 7 rounds of 1:00/:30 and hit it as hard as you can — maximum effort!
  • 20 lb. sandbag pyramid.  Full Pyramid to 7 (that’ll be 49 total reps of each exercise when you’re done) of Sandbag Burpees and Sandbag Sit-ups.
  • Journal review.  Get out your training journal.  Turn back a year (if your journal is under a year old, just go back to the beginning) and look at your entries.  Spend 15 minutes reading and reviewing.  How far have you come?  Are you happy with your progress?  Are there things you have no made progress on?  Why?  Are you repeating mistakes?  What do you need to change, improve or expand upon?

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