Frontier Rough & Tumble Martial Arts

In addition to my study, practice and promotion of Cabal Fang, the martial art I officially founded in 2009, I am also studying Frontier Rough & Tumble (“FRT”) under Mark Hatmaker.  

Mark hasn’t published any books or DVDs on FRT yet.  The only way you can get the FRT material is to sign up for his monthly RAW subscription service.  It’s amazing stuff — stuff Mark has accumulated over 30 years of research. He even learned to speak Comanche!

I like the FRT material because it’s intertwined with American history and culture and linked to primitive survival skills.  As soon as I’m certified I’ll be offering an FRT program that is basically an adult scouting class –  every fourth class will be something like stalking, tracking, fire making, wild food gathering, etc.

Yes, I’ve got some primitive skills under my belt. I’ve been a member of the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group for over ten years. 

Here’s a photo set showing some of my primitive skills stuff. I made the basket, the spoons, the box, the drinking gourd with twine bag, and the plant scrap book.  The hat is a Real Deal tarp hat, the knife is an original custom Deer Runner (handmade on an anvil using 18th century materials), and the bag is an Italian Army surplus map bag adorned with a CCC patch I bought at Pocahontas State Park awhile back.

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