Truth and Its Consequences: Training Involution #107

Most of the week I was traveling on business.  Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first: I have a day job.  My books and my position as COB & Pres of a tiny non-profit educational charity do not pay the bills.

Some crazy and interesting stuff happened while I was on the road.  And since one of my big resolutions for 2018 is to write more concise, readable and/or listenable posts and videos, I decided to make short video which I’ve put below the break.

And now for the TI of the week which is influenced by what I learned this week.

Truth and Its Consequences: Training Involution #107

Are you checking off boxes or really digging into your training — not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well?

  • Double down.  Remember “doubling down?”  That was T.I. #88.  Find a training session you think you can double and get it done.  Listen to your body and ditch if you have to — safety first!  Example: I was in hotels this week and couldn’t train martial arts.  So my last day on the road I doubled down on my weight training.  Instead of a 2 x 10 warm-ups and 3 x 5 lifts, I did 2 x 10 warm-ups and 6 x 5 lifts with a 1RM at the end.  And then to top it off I finished a 3-mile run.  I’m a little sore of course, but it was safe and beneficial.
  • Figure out something you can’t make sense of.  Maybe you, or someone in your life, did something and you don’t know why.   Perhaps you had a strange encounter or you read or saw something in the news that defies your view of the world.  A seemingly trivial non sequitur might be a doorway to a greater understanding of yourself or the world.

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