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Truth and Its Consequences: Training Involution #107

Most of the week I was traveling on business.  Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first: I have a day job.  My books and my position as COB & Pres of a tiny non-profit educational charity do not pay the bills.

Some crazy and interesting stuff happened while I was on the road.  And since one of my big resolutions for 2018 is to write more concise, readable and/or listenable posts and videos, I decided to make short video which I’ve put below the break.

And now for the TI of the week which is influenced by what I learned this week.

Truth and Its Consequences: Training Involution #107

Are you checking off boxes or really digging into your training — not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well?

  • Double down.  Remember “doubling down?”  That was T.I. #88.  Find a training session you think you can double and get it done.  Listen to your body and ditch if you have to — safety first!  Example: I was in hotels this week and couldn’t train martial arts.  So my last day on the road I doubled down on my weight training.  Instead of a 2 x 10 warm-ups and 3 x 5 lifts, I did 2 x 10 warm-ups and 6 x 5 lifts with a 1RM at the end.  And then to top it off I finished a 3-mile run.  I’m a little sore of course, but it was safe and beneficial.
  • Figure out something you can’t make sense of.  Maybe you, or someone in your life, did something and you don’t know why.   Perhaps you had a strange encounter or you read or saw something in the news that defies your view of the world.  A seemingly trivial non sequitur might be a doorway to a greater understanding of yourself or the world.

Get Real: Training Involution 106

Late to the party?  This month’s focuses are Wrestling and The Hourglass.

Get Real: Training Involution #106

  • Wrestling Conditioner #4.  Set timer for 10 mins.  Shin Ride your heavy bag and strike x10, mount and strike x10, roll to bottom position and up-strike x10, then bridge, knee boost, or hip escape from under the bag, and repeat as many times as you can before the timer beeps.  Strike full power and take as few 12-count breaks as possible in order to finish.
  • Jump rope for 10 mins, as fast as you are able.  Take as few 12-count breaks as possible in order to finish.
  • Have you memorized the Emerald Tablet yet?  Yes?  Good job!  No?  This is Cabal Fang, it’s only 250 words, and its required.  “Chop-chop — I’m waiting,” I say.  “But why?” you reply.  Because The Emerald Tablet is a 1,000+ year-old piece of wisdom literature that describes “reality” as a conversation between consciousnesses — and so does this 20-minute TED talk by Donald Hoffman, which tackles the idea that consciousness is prime, not matter.

Thanks, Funds, Cheers, Pics and Training Involution #105

Regular followers know that my son and I did the Rugged Maniac on May 5th and collected money for the Cabal Fang Temple Fund.  Here are some pics from the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone for buying t-shirts, contributing to my Patreon account, sponsoring the Rugged Maniac event, sharing links, commenting on my posts, liking my videos and generally being supportive.  Every little bit helps.

Basically everything goes into the Temple Fund so that we can save up enough money to buy a building.  We really want some permanent digs so that Cabal Fang can expand its seminar and class offerings and endure into perpetuity.¹  

Thanks to you, the Cabal Fang Temple Fund stands at a whopping $1,333.78.

Here’s a screen shot of the new bank account I set up for the temple fund — we’ve got thirteen hundred bucks — woot-woot!

But enough about boring financial stuff — time for the T.I. of the week!

One Trick Pony: Training Involution #105

Our focuses this month are Wrestling and The Hourglass.

  • Bad Karma calisthenics session.  Set timer for 12 minutes.  Finish as many sets as you can in 12 minutes of 8 each: Back Neck Bridges, Get-ups, Squats, and Sit-out Push-ups (a.k.a. “Barrel Roll Push-ups”).  Like this workout?  You’ll love my book The Calisthenics Codex (5 stars on Goodreads and in the Top 10 calisthenics books at Barnes & Noble).
  • One trick pony a weak spot.  What’s the weakest part of your Wrestling game?  Is your Sit-out washed up?  Is your Shrimp dead in the water?  Is your scrambling game hard-boiled, or is it not what it’s cracked up to be?  Whatever your weakest move is, set a timer for 10 to 20 minutes and do nothing but that one move for the entire duration.  Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
  • Start memorizing the Emerald Tablet.  The Emerald Tablet just may be the world’s first piece of interfaith literature — revered by the wise and educated of every nation across the ancient world from its first appearance in 8th century Persia to the desk of Isaac Newton all the way down to today.  Do yourself a favor and memorize it (it’s required of all Cabal Fang distance learning students by the way).  Full text below.  If you memorize this bit of wisdom literature I promise you that it will pay dividends as long as you live.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

True it is, without falsehood, certain and most true. That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above, to accomplish the miracles of one thing. 

And as all things were by contemplation of one, so all things arose from this one thing by a single act of adaptation. 

The father thereof is the Sun, its mother the Moon.

The wind carried it in its womb, the earth is the nurse thereof.

It is the father of all works of wonder throughout the whole world.

The power thereof is perfect.

If it be cast on to earth, it will separate the element of earth from that of fire, the subtle from the gross.

With great sagacity it doth ascend gently from earth to heaven.

Again it doth descend to earth, and uniteth in itself the force from things superior and things inferior.

Thus thou wilt possess the glory of the brightness of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly far from thee.

This thing is the strong fortitude of all strength, for it overcometh every subtle thing and doth penetrate every solid substance.

Thus was this world created. Hence will there be marvelous adaptations achieved, of which the manner is this.

For this reason I am called Hermes Trismegistus, because I hold three parts of the wisdom of the whole world.

That which I had to say about the operation of Sol is completed.

(Steele and Singer translation, 1927)

¹ Full disclosure: I don’t take a salary from Cabal Fang Temple, Inc. and I rarely pay myself back for the stuff I buy for the organization.  And since I never have enough deductions to itemize my taxes, I never get the charitable deduction either.  That needs to change though, so  going forward I’m going to start categorizing those expenses as loans so that when and if Cabal Fang Temple Inc. starts bringing in any money I can repay myself.  Patreon support goes go into my pocket of course, but it never offsets what I spend on Cabal Fang.  

Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

A friend of my daughter Amber took this photo for me. Pretty cool huh?

If you’re reading this on release day — May 5th, 2018 —  my son and I are on the way to Virginia Motor Sports Park in Petersburg, Virginia to run in the Rugged Maniac obstacle course to benefit the Cabal Fang Temple (click here to donate $10.00 to sponsor us).

The race is approximately 3 miles/5K and 25 obstacles.  Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately it’s too late to run with us.  But if you’d like to “play the home game” let me introduce you to…


Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

Simulated 5K obstacle run.  CR45P.  Ideal when done at an outdoor gym or fitness trail.   Set timer for 9 x 3:00/2:00 (45 mins total).  For 3:00 interval, run fastest manageable pace without breaking stride.  For first half of  the 2:00 interval perform as many Chin-ups (Clap Push-ups or Push-ups if there’s no equipment) as you can, Squats for the second half.  Repeat 8 more times.  When you gas —  unless you’re Captain America you will — just jump up to the bar and do negative Chins (or Push-ups on knees). 

If you’re kinda big for your britches, Circuit Breaker will stretch to fit you just fine, assuming of course you don’t lollygag and that you are training (not “working out”).   Look at your watch and manage your time so you don’t rest and/or waste time switching between exercises.  No rest — just adjust your pace so that you work as hard as you can for the whole 45 mins.


Judgment Day: Training Involution #103

This is the last weekly T.I. in the month with internal concentration The Book (a.k.a. the Tarot) and external concentration Basic Self-Defense.  I guess you could say it’s judgment day.

Judgment Day: Training Involution #103

  • Are you ready for Judgment Day?  Three questions: (1) If there’s a natural disaster or your employer goes belly up and you’re unemployed for a few weeks, it’s a good idea to have some back-up resources.  Check your pantry.  Do you have at least 1 month of food and water on hand?  (2) If you get lost and there’s no gas station around you’ll be sorry if you’re driving on fumes.  Go check your vehicle.  Do you have at least a quarter tank of gas in the tank?  (3) You’re going to feel pretty dumb if your vehicle breaks down and you haven’t been maintaining it. Have you had your oil changed and any other scheduled maintenance done?  Count your “No” answers and hike 1 mile for each.  Beginners use a #10 pack, intermediate #25, advanced #40+.
  • Tarot meditation on XX: Judgement.  Why do Tarot card manufacturers seem to like the British spelling that includes the letter “e” in the middle?  Oh well.  Set up the card (or a printed photo or your tablet) so that it’s at eye level when you’re in your meditative posture of choice.  Set a timer for 3 to 5 mins.  Regulate your breathing as you look at the card.  Imagine that you are stepping into the card, that you are becoming one of the characters in the scene.  Imagine all of the sights, sounds, tastes and sensations of the scene.  When the timer beeps, watch the video below.  Record your thoughts and realizations in your training journal.

Scramble: Training Involution #102

This month’s external focus is General Self-defense and the internal one is The Book (Tarot).  So this week there’s more hardcore, targeted self-defense material in store — plus some preparation checking and some esoteric quizzing.  But first, here’s a little promo video I put together to promote Cabal Fang martial arts.  Dig it.

And now on with the show.

Scramble: Training Involution #102

  • Scramble through your purse or pockets.  What if you get stranded have to scramble for shelter, warmth, food, or a ride?  Do you have a knife or multi-tool, a way to make fire, and enough cash money for a cab or Uber ride?  If not, shame on you.  Fix that ASAP.
  • Scramble for your life.  What if you have to fight in a cramped place, like a car, closet or bathroom stall?  Get knocked down and have to get up?  Have to wrestle?  Beginners: Do 25 reps each of: Bodybuilders, Sit-outs, Get-ups and Crunch-n-Punch.  Intermediates, you do 33 reps and add Splays/Sprawls.  Advanced folks, do the intermediate version plus Drop Duck-Unders.
  • “Do you read Tarot?”  What if somebody finds out you have a Tarot deck and you have to scramble to answer that question?  Last week I tested you on your number symbolism.  Now for the suits.  Can you name at least one association or correspondence for each suit, such as element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), Sphere (Matter, Ideals, Drives, Emotions), Quaternary (To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent), etc.?  No?  If not, pull 10 cards and do the number of Push-ups on each face (Pages = 10, Knights = 6, Queens = 3, Kings = 2).

Run for Your Life: Training Involution #101

Here at Cabal Fang HQ our monthly focuses are Basic Self-Defense and The Book (chapters 16 and 20 in the Cabal Fang Study Guide). From now on the Training Involution of the Week is going to be based around the monthly theme at HQ. I think that will go a long way toward creating a feeling of community within the Cabal Fang family, don’t you?

Run for Your Life: Training Involution #101

  • Are you paying attention to detail? (1) What was your spouse or significant wearing last time you saw him or her? (2) What is the color, make, model, year and license plate number of his or her vehicle? (3) Get up right now and check: are all your doors and windows locked? Imagine how guilty you’d feel if your spouse or significant other turned up missing and you couldn’t help the police with the most basic information. Imagine how you’d feel if someone invaded your home and you didn’t have it buttoned up. If you didn’t get at least two out of three right, complete 100 Squats and then review your preparedness and prevention drills on pages 224 – 226 of the Cabal Fang Study Guide.
  • Do you know your numbers? If you are going to use Tarot as a psychological and spiritual tool you need to know your number symbolism. What are astrological associations for the numbers 1 through 10? If you can’t name at least of 5 of them, do 50 Push-ups and then go study the chart on page 168 of the Cabal Fang Study Guide.
  • Conditioning Run. CR15P Tabata-styled. Run AFAYC for 20 seconds, walk 10 seconds, repeat for 30 rounds. That’s 15 mins total.