Behind us in a past far flung
beneath a billion trillion tons of ocean
in the icy cold and mineral dark
coral insects built their lonely temples
to a god they could not know
and their parishioners
flagellum waving, gills singing
silent cantos to a sun unseen
ever winking, twinkling still

And then, when tales were written
of trees and floods
of serpents, towers, pillars
came dwellers of land and air
and they, like those before
piled up stones, rose up temples
made sacrifices unfathomable
to gods they could not see
ever burning, burning still

And now, out of the unknown
whispering the nonsense sense
glimmers like a fairy light
invisible to most
a mysterious idea, a cosmic thought
And crawling after it broken priests
compound fractured body and soul
content to follow in pain and failure
Ever smiling and smiling still

When time lies dead in undying present
and the teaming millions reel
the glimmer will be eternal bright
and the deepest depths will know its light
bones will be healed
and the hidden revealed
crawling no more, standing to flower
coming into blooming eschaton
ever unfolding, unfolding still

“Hey Mitch, what’s this poetry thing all about?” I want to collaborate with Blue Öyster Cult and I’m hoping the Öyster Boys will think this would make a good lyric.

Did you know I wrote a paranormal/mystery/romance book inspired by Blue Öyster Cult’s lyrical themes?  Click here to download it here for free!

The cover to my book “Chatters on the Tide” inspired by the music of Blue Öyster Cult

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