Khufu Point: Martial Arts Training Involution #183

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt

It is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang!  Last year we all faced “Self-Destruct Sequence.”  It was amazing — read about it here.  This year we’re going after the cord and rule program goal of 100 Bodybuilders in under 20 minutes which we’ll take a run at on Tues., 11/26 (the last meeting of Nov.).  Those who’ve already succeeded are aiming for new PRs.  

The way to work your way up 100 Bodybuilders is to use what I call MBF — “martial base fitness” (more details will be in my forthcoming book “Martial Grit” but in the meantime read last week’s T.I.).  One of the secrets of MBF is frequent, low-intensity sets.  

Pyramids are great low-to-medium impact training routines because they have a quasi-warm-up and quasi-cool-down built right in.  And there’s a psychological component too — almost like climbing a real hill or flight of stairs.

Why “Khufu Point?”  Because the Great Pyramid of Giza is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu and it has a point at the top — as well some really cool symbolism — and there’s also a “point” to this involution…

Khufu Point: Martial Arts Training Involution #183

  • Warm-up thoroughly.  Jog, jump rope, lightly shadowbox, etc. for a total of at least 8 minutes.
  • Run to the pyramid.  Complete a 1 kilometer run as fast as you can.  My PR is 4:40.
  • Bodybuilder pyramid. Complete a full pyramid  of Bodybuilders, Jackknifes, and  Steam Engines– that’s 1 of each, 2 each, 3 each, up to your peak and then back down.  Beginners peak at 5, intermediate 6, advanced 7 or more.  Take as few 12-count breaks as you need to finish.
  • Combo Pyramids.  Bounce on your toes in your fighting stance.  Shoot forward and throw 1 punch, then leap back.  Bounce for a few beats, then leap in and throw a 1-2 combo, and leap back.  Bounce for a few beats, then leap in and throw a 1-2-3. Continue up to 5 then back down to 1.  Take a short break, maybe 30 seconds, switch stance to other foot forward and repeat.  Beginners complete 2 sets each side, intermediates 4 sets/side, advanced folks 6 sets/side.  If you have a heavy bag, use it — otherwise punch the air, just make sure you imagine an actual opponent in your mind’s eye while you work!
  • Cool down for 3 minutes.  Walk around your training space and get your heart under 100 bpm.
  • Pyramid reflection.  Set a timer for 10:00 and assume your meditative posture of choice.  Regulate your breathing.  Spend ten minutes reviewing your training recently.  Evaluate emotionally and visually.  Visualize your training in your mind’s eye, thinking in images instead of words or numbers.  Have you been forging your mettle?  Are you “climbing the pyramid” in your training?  Are you ready for the 100 Bodybuilder challenge?

If you enjoyed his training involution you’d probably enjoy my books.  Why not check one out?

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