Dollar Short: Martial Arts T.I. #220

My apologies for the tardiness of the weekly T.I.  I got a little tied up, what with everything going on in these here parts, including but not limited to my adult son living with me for the last couple of months on account of his COVID-related visa struggles and blah blah blah (those of you who have my cell or email, reach out and I’ll share the boring details).

Anyway, without further ado, I present…

Dollar Short: Martial Arts Training Involution #220

  • Warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes. Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, or light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • Complete this month’s constitutional. Walking Push-ups (25), Wall Touches (100), Monkey Rolls (25), Crunch’n’Punch (25), Lunges (100), Jumping Jacks (100), Steam Engines (25).  Get it done in under 16:40 and you have us beat (so far).
  • Sacred reading.  This month’s symbol is the Book.  Spend 15 minutes reading something of a spiritual, or at least philosophical, nature — the Holy Bible, the Tao Te Ching, the Meditations, whatever suits your fancy.  Make sure you record in your journal any and all realizations and reflections come to you as you read.

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