Po, Paul and the Burning Bush

The other day I watched a video discussion between Po the Person and Pastor Paul VanderKlay.  I’m a long-time follower of Paul’s channel (he interviewed me a while back) but not familiar with Po’s.

There were a couple points in their discussion when I really wished I had been there.  Po asked some tough questions that I think many people ask, and I thought that Paul was very uncharacteristically gooey in his answers.  Normally he’s a total ace!  So I made a video so that I could step into their conversation.

I’m a big fan of Bishop Robert Barron, so I used some snips of his videos in my reply.  One was an interview of him on Capturing Christianity.  The other was a video he made about his appreciation for Christopher Hitchens.

Why am I wearing a clerical collar?  I’m a deacon in the Old Catholic tradition, currently enrolled in Ekklesia Epignostika Seminary in pursuit of Holy Orders.

Anyway, here it goes…


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