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Po, Paul and the Burning Bush

The other day I watched a video discussion between Po the Person and Pastor Paul VanderKlay.  I’m a long-time follower of Paul’s channel (he interviewed me a while back) but not familiar with Po’s.

There were a couple points in their discussion when I really wished I had been there.  Po asked some tough questions that I think many people ask, and I thought that Paul was very uncharacteristically gooey in his answers.  Normally he’s a total ace!  So I made a video so that I could step into their conversation.

I’m a big fan of Bishop Robert Barron, so I used some snips of his videos in my reply.  One was an interview of him on Capturing Christianity.  The other was a video he made about his appreciation for Christopher Hitchens.

Why am I wearing a clerical collar?  I’m a deacon in the Old Catholic tradition, currently enrolled in Ekklesia Epignostika Seminary in pursuit of Holy Orders.

Anyway, here it goes…


My Talk with Paul VanderKlay about Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris

I had a fun conversation with Paul VanderKlay yesterday, and I’m flattered to say that he thought it was interesting enough to post on this very popular YouTube channel.

We talked mostly about the  Jordan Peterson/Sam Harris Vancouver talks (Part 1 and Part 2) but about some other things too.  Public reaction has been 95% positive.

By way of introduction, Paul is the pastor at Living Stones Church in Sacramento, CA and has been referred to as “the Pastor of the Intellectual Dark Web.”

Here’s the video.