Quizzical: Martial Arts Training Involution #231

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Like the vine of the grape, if we don’t grow and climb we wither and get overgrown.  Gotta keep moving!  So I need a new name for this weekly post, something to give it appeal beyond just martial arts since there are four segments — a martial drill, a fitness complex, a primitive/nature skill, and a spiritual exercise.  Please vote for one of the suggestions below or make original suggestions in the comments.

Vote for the November Mettlecraft Challenge

November is Mettlecraft Month at Cabal Fang, and if you plan on playing along (here’s what we did in 2018 and 2019), please make your suggestions in the poll below.  Pick one of the options or make your own original suggestions!

If you’re new in these parts, you should know that people who engage with the content by doing some of the work and/or posting in the comments have been known to get discount coupons for books and merch from Mitch’s General Store

These weekly T.I.s support my martial arts programs — Cabal Fang (non-profit martial arts for personal development) and Bobcat Martial Arts (Frontier Rough ‘n’ Tumble martial arts). 

Now let’s stop tootin’ and start shootin’.

Quizzical: Martial Arts T.I. #231

  • Do you warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes before you train? Do 2-3 minutes each of (a) jumping rope (b) light calisthenics and (c) shadowboxing, forms, or light heavy bag work, or 8 minutes of MBF.
  • Do you train with a purpose, or do you just sort of wing it?  Complete 3 x 3:00/1:00 max power rounds on the heavy bag.  Just because the monthly focus is wrestling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice your striking.  If you insist on maintaining focus, lay down your floor bag and get busy on some ground ‘n’ pound.  Whatever you, make sure the emphasis is on power this time, and always make sure you have a focus.  For more on this topic, you see the “S.A.F.E. M.P.” protocol from my e-book Martial Grit available from Smashwords, B&N, or iTunes.
  • Have you done this month’s constitutional yet?   

    Every constitutional back to 2009 is archived online at https://www.cabalfang.com/monthly-constitutionals

    If so, pick one of the previous ones and do that (see pic at right).  If not, here it is: Sit-out Push-ups (25), Ploughs (25), Pikes (25), Neck Crunches (25 ea. direction), Zombie Squats (50), Bear Walks (100 yards), and Jackknifes (25).  Beginners,  go slow and just try to finish (but listen to your body and don’t overdo it).  Intermediates, aim to finish in less than 20 mins.  Advanced, aim for under 15 mins and, if you succeed, go back and do 20% more (5 more of the 25-rep exercises, 10 more Zombies Squats, and so on).

  • Have you been outside recently?  Do something outdoors that your normally do indoors.  Read a book, eat a meal, play guitar, do arts and crafts, do your physical training, etc.  I recently moved all of my training outdoors — 100%.  See video below. 
  • Do you guide your habits, or they guide you?  Manipulate your subconscious using rituals and habits.  This month’s symbol is the Luminaries (the two lights that rule the day and night skies — check out the intro here).  One of the many things the Luminaries symbolize is the relationship between your subconscious/body and your conscious/mind.  The conscious/mind (“the Sun”) may want to stick with that diet, avoid that addiction, or adhere to that plan.  The Sun can shine as brightly as it wants.  But sooner or later night will fall, the Moon will rise, and the subconscious/body will be in charge.  Train your subconscious/body using the four tried-and-true methods that have been used since ancient times: contemplation, meditation, prayer, and — perhaps the most powerful one of all — ritual.  Allow the power of rituals and habits to provide direction to your subconscious/body.  Set and keep schedules sleeping/waking.  Do positive things in the same ways, at the same times, and/or at the same places — join clubs with which you share positive goals, start going to church on certain days, and so forth.  Swap good things for bad and plug them into existing habits.  If you always stop for coffee and a doughnut on the way to work and you’re trying  give up sweets for your health, try stopping at a different place to make a healthier choice.  If you always meet friends for beers on Friday nights, but you’re trying to give up drinking, see if you can get them to join you for a run instead — their choice might surprise you.   If they won’t join you, widen the invite and be a leader.
  • Are you regularly writing in your journal?  Do the work, the external and internal, and write about what you did and thought in your journal (by the way, this is another way to train your subconscious).  And remember, if it ain’t in the training journal it didn’t happen!

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