Dr. Matt Rossano, William James, and Fear as Fulcrum

A couple weeks back I had a great talk with Dr. Matt Jr. Rossano, the world’s foremost expert on the evolution of religion and author of Supernatural Selection: How Religion Evolved.   He seems pretty modest, so he’d probably refute that statement.

It wasn’t an interview or anything, just a conversation.  I just had a list of follow-up questions after I tangled with his book, and he was gracious enough to give me an hour of his time.  He’s a teacher, and it shows in how he frames his thoughts and ideas.  If you ask me, he could be as popular as Bret Weinstein or Jordan B. Peterson if he wanted to, but I don’t think he does.  And why would he?  But I did ask if he was open to having some public discussions with other people whom I think could benefit from his ideas — like Paul VanderKlay and John Vervaeke — and he said he was.

Now all I have to do is get in front of them and convince them to do it.  If you know Paul or John, please tell them I want to have public discussions with involving them and Matt Rossano.  Matt’s theories mainly support, but sometimes undermine, their various positions and I think all would be made stronger by the engagement.

Anyway, I’ve started to distill some of Matt’s ideas and put them to work in my mission, which is to save the world by making stronger, happier, healthier people through martial arts and religion.  So here’s a video I made about fear.

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