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The Next (Final) Emerald Lamp Video?

Vol. 1 Episode 4 of the Emerald Lamp Video Series is now live.  Patreon supporters got access a month ago.  And yesterday they also got access to a private video on the subject of body toughening (conditioning and callousing of the body to better deliver and accept blows).  For as little as $1/month you can click here, become a supporter, and get access to all kinds of patron-only content — as well as early access to just about everything I produce.

Neither the Emerald Lamp series nor the Holy Communion series is really taking off the way I anticipated.  Episode 4 of the Emerald Lamp and Episode 12 of Holy Communion might mark the end of both series.  If you like either of them I suggest sharing them to your social media profiles, tweeting, posting and sharing like a madman.  These are the most labor intensive videos I make in terms of planning and writing.  If nobody’s watching, I could really stand to put those hours back into my training!

So if you like either series, show your love by sharing the videos.  And, in the comments below, please tell me which of my videos you like most and least and why.

The Emerald Lamp Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Emerald Lamp Video Series is now live. If you liked episode 1, you’ll love episode 2. And if you like episode 2, well, you’ll have to wait until next month for episode 3 — unless of course you support me on Patreon. Patreon supporters get access to the Emerald Lamp series thirty days early (and lots of other cool perks too).

In this episode: The Hourglass symbol, death, rebirth, ideology, heroism, picking up heavy loads, and the mysteries of the holiday season.

The Emerald Lamp Video Series Episode #1

Sorry folks, no workout of the week today.  This week, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, yours truly us taking a little break from the usual drill to look in a slightly different direction.  Back to the WOOTW next Saturday, I promise.

Today I’d like to announce the availability of The Emerald Lamp Video Series Episode #1 (see below).  My supporters over at Patron got access last month, but now it’s available to everyone.

Episode 2, which contains what I think are some excellent insights (especially this time of year), is also available today to patrons only.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s The Emerald Lamp Video Series Episode #1. Happy Holidays!

The Emerald Lamp Video Series

I just uploaded the first episode of my new video series entitled “The Emerald Lamp.”

In keeping with the Hermetic Quaternary — “To Know, To Will, To Dare: To Keep Silent” — the Emerald Lamp Video Series is intended to provide knowledge, inspiration, exercises and meditations for those intent on cultivating their better selves.

In the first episode: Series intro, the Hermetic Quaternary a.k.a. the Powers of the Sphinx, the Cross of Light, the compass, the inspiration of Bob Kelman, how to break exercise plateaus and a reading from Richard Smoley.

How do you get it?  You can watch it now by supporting me on Patreon — just $1/month will give you access! — or you can wait 30 days and view it on my Youtube channel.