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The Only Trekkie Who Liked “Into Darkness”

Definitive proof that I'm a trekkie.  This is the actual, vintage Star Trek mug that I think I mail-ordered from the back of a cereal box in 70s.  On the bottom it says, "DEKA Elizabeth NJ 14  269  Made in USA"

Definitive proof that I’m a trekkie. This is the actual, vintage Star Trek mug that I think I mail-ordered from the back of a cereal box in 70s. On the bottom it says, “DEKA
Elizabeth NJ
Made in USA”

Don’t know how I missed this news from last year, but it seems that Star Trek: Into Darkness was voted by fans as the worst movie in the Star Trek canon.  Seriously?  I’m floored by that.

I get that we hardcore trekkie’s like the hard stuff — hard science, hard social commentary, hard relevancy.  I understand that we prefer slower-paced, thinking-man’s Sci-Fi flicks.

But this movie, although it was action-packed and fast-paced, was true to the spirit of original TV show.  It took a a solid message about terrorism and wrapped it in a tasty nougat of action.  So what if it wasn’t “hard science fiction?”  Was Space Seed, the original episode on which it was based, hard science fiction?  Was Spock’s Brain?  Was it that you didn’t like the message?  Well, did you like the anti-feminist message of the episode Turnabout Intruder?

I know, I know, many of us didn’t like the scene in which Alice Eve’s character strips down.  I liked it.  Shows that Kirk is a horny womanizer like in the original series.  And as for the alleged whitewashing (casting Cumberbatch in the role of Khan), I approve of the fact that the producers didn’t want to demonize a non-white person.

Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Pegg and Urban have captured the essence of the characters beautifully in these reboots.  And, like the original TV series, these new movies are a mix of action, humor, pathos, and relevancy.  I just don’t understand why my fellow hardcore trekkies are nitpicking them to pieces!

If you’re a hardcore trekkie who can’t stand the new movies, please fess up.  What’s the real reason you don’t like them?  There has to be something you’re not telling me.

My Custom Insulated Mug, Sort of


I made some mods to my cup. Cool, right?

I dropped my insulated mug and it broke.  It’s one of those with the inner liner, and it broke right along the top.  What a pisser — this is not just any mug, it’s the expensive Aladdin one that is completely spill-proof, the one I use to smuggle coffee into theaters that don’t serve it.  Not the mug’s fault.  I dropped it on asphalt on a cold day.

I was about to throw it away when I realized that I might be able to fix it.  People should fix more stuff instead of chucking it into landfills.  I checked, and as it happens, Gorilla Glue is stable and food safe once fully cured.  My other favorite glue, JB Weld, is not food safe (I once fixed an engine block with JB Weld — I’m not kidding — it held for two weeks until I could get it fixed properly).

So I got out the Gorilla Glue and set to work.  First I glued one of my martial arts club’s patches to the inner liner and let it dry.  I figured, why not?  Works for Tervis, right?  Then I and reassembled it.  The glue dripped a little (why didn’t I turn the thing upside down to dry?), so I disguised the drips with blood red nail polish borrowed from my wife so that the drips would look like blood.

Why blood?  I don’t know, geez, it’s art.  Gimme a break.