Pre-order my New Book and Get Free Stuff

The 14th Mansion — Available July 1st 2014!

You should go and pre-order my upcoming horror and occult mystery thriller The 14th Mansion right now.  Why?  Because it’s good.  But, if you need a better reason than that, I’ll give you free stuff.

The way I see it, you blog-follower-pre-ordery-type people are my most loyal fans, so I should do something nice for you, right?

All you have to do is go pre-order the book by clicking one of the links at the bottom of this post and then make a comment below.  Make sure you check the box that allows you to follow subsequent comments.  On release day — July 1st — I’ll post a coupon code in the comments of this post that will allow you to download the other two books in the series free at!  If you’re such a hardcore fan that you’ve already read the other two, just say so and I’ll send you an envelope full of real live actual ‘zines — booklets, short stories, and other print items written by yours truly that you can’t get any other way (unless of course you run into me at Richmond Zinefest or if you come to DC Zinefest this August).

Are you still here?  What are you waiting for?  Here are links to the most popular places you can pre-order The 14th Mansion.

Smashwords Pre-order page

Barnes and Noble Pre-order page

Baker & Taylor Blio Pre-order page

Flipkart Pre-order page






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