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Book Preview: The Wildwood Workbook

My next book releases on Feb 15th.  Pre-order it now and get it for just 99 cents!

Short book preview video below.

DID YOU KNOW...that this book is going to be used a textbook in my new Bobcat Martial Arts program?  Bobcat Martial Arts incorporates Mark Hatmaker’s Frontier Rough & Tumble martial arts coursework as well as primitive skills and nature observation.  And I’ll be offering Vigny-Lang method walking stick self-defense classes too.


New Book — Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders are now open for my next book!

The Wildwood Workbook: Nature Appreciation & Survival releases on Feb 15th.  If you pre-order now you can get it for just 99 cents — price goes up to $3.99 the day after release.

Just to tease you a little, take a look at the table of contents below.

This book is the product of 30 years of wistful, windswept  wanderings in the wilderness.

Gitcha some!

The Wildwood Workbook: Nature Appreciation and Survival



  1. Make Yourself a Possibles Bag and Dress Appropriately
  2. Memorize the Survival Formula
  3. Learn When to Run and When to Fight
  4. Learn First Aid
  5. Make a Debris Hut
  6. Find and Purify Water
  7. Start a Fire
  8. Find Some Food
  9. Decide to Stay or Go
  10. Find your Way
  11. Understand How the Sun Works
  12. Understand How the Moon Works
  13. Get Accustomed to Being Outside
  14. Observe the Weather
  15. Get to Know your Neighbors
  16. Get to Know a Piece of Dirt
  17. Get to Know A Patch of Woods
  18. Start Making Friends with a Few Plants
  19. Give a Tree a Name
  20. Carve Yourself a Bowl and Spoon
  21. Practice Being a Raccoon
  22. Give Thanks and Avoid Waste
  23. Get Wet and Forage Some More
  24. Make Some Leaf Stamps
  25. Make a Pine Needle Basket
  26. Sketch Some Tracks
  27. Put Yourself in an Critter’s Shoes
  28. Open a Window
  29. Get Fit for Hiking and Woodsrunning
  30. Your Final Exam — Spend a Night Alone in the Woods
  31. Encourage Continuing Education
  32. Take a Snow Walk
  33. Revisit a Piece of Dirt
  34. Discover Springtime Edibles
  35. Make Some Spring Observations
  36. Do a Spring Cleaning
  37. Discover the Meaning of Summer
  38. Reflect on Summer
  39. Discover What You’re Thankful For
  40. See What Falls First
  41. Make Some Acorn Bread


The Antidote of We

Sunday we spent three hours taking pictures for the upcoming martial arts book. Here’s a sample.

[Intrigued? Click here for pre-order links.]

I’m a little under the gun because I announced a release date of 9/1/16, which means the final draft needs to be to the formatter no later than 8/1.

So I was hoping the editors would be mainly positive, but to the contrary, they lumped me up pretty hard.  How hard?  More red ink than black.  I now have more scabs than skin.

The criticism was largely valid, and I’m glad I got it because I want the book to be perfect.  Although it wasn’t expressly stated by any of the editors, one of the things that became apparent was how much ego-stroking was in the book.  It was painful and embarrassing to suddenly realize how self-centered some of the material was.

So I went through the text using “Ctrl-F” and looked for capital “I.”  If the ideas were salient and could be re-expressed using “we” then I did so.  If it was clear I was just monologuing, bragging, or verbal vomiting, I cut that junk out.

The good news is that writing this book has become a personal, spiritual, self-analytic and Hermetic exercise.  The bad news is that I should’ve started with that knowledge, and now I’m figuring all this out while being pinched for time.  That’s not easy.

But, at the risk of unleashing the very ego I’m trying to tame, I really do love a challenge.

Book Update, Writer Advice and a Friendly Request


coverBook Update (11/13/16):  [PRE-ORDER LINKS BELOW!] We finished taking the last of the photos yesterday!  All I have to do now is crop, edit and add them to the manuscript, do another  quick re-read and a final spellcheck before sending the file to the formatter.  I’ll have that done by 12/1.  Allowing time for cover creation, formatting and holiday delays, the eBook should be available  no later than 2/1/17.   Hardcopies should be available shortly thereafter!

Here are some pics from the photo shoot yesterday.  Wicked eh?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Book Update (5/18/16): Draft copies of Cabal Fang: The Complete Study Course from Querent to Elder are now in the hands of my editorial team (a.k.a. the three people I could talk into critiquing it).

Writers Advice: Below find the instructions I gave my editors.  If your editor isn’t as compassionate as a meat cleaver and if you don’t have the courage of a .357 magnum, you need a new plan.  You can’t create art if you’re afraid of what people will think, and puerile criticism is a waste of time.  Smile at the executioner and put your neck in the rope.  It’s the only way to go.

A Friendly Request to my Friendly Friends and Devoted Readers: This book is going to be epic.  When you read it, you’re going to weep magical tears of joy that cause flowers to sprout up from the earth wherever they land.   So you should pre-order it immediately.  Here are the links:

Pre-order my the Cabal Fang Book on iTunes

Pre-order at Barnes & Noble

Pre-order it on from KOBO

This is the back cover of one of my favorite books. Check out the cool blurbs at the top.

This is the back cover of one of my favorite books. Check out the cool blurbs at the top.

And if you know of anyone notable in the martial arts or esoteric fields whom you think would be willing to read an advance copy and give me a book blurb, something like “If this book was a movie, it would be It’s a Wonderful Life – starring Steven Seagal!” please hook me up in the comments.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go convince my wife to take a couple of hundred pictures of martial arts techniques and persuade my daughter to create fifteen gorgeous illustrations — all in time to get this thing to the formatter by July 15th so I can hit the Sept 1st. release date.



Dear Editor:

I’m not looking for criticism of grammar and spelling and such.  What I’m looking for is insight into how to make this book as inspiring as possible.  I want this to be the most original, groundbreaking, and compelling martial arts book since Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do in 1973.  It needs to launch a movement to put spirituality back into Western martial arts for the first time since chivalry died.  I don’t need notes about verb agreement. 

So I need you to be BRUTAL AS @*#! and circle paragraphs and make notes like, “This is boring” or “This is the most pompous bat piss I’ve ever sniffed in my entire life” or “This made me want to Mike Tyson the Hermetic Quaternary on my face!”  

Thanks for your help,


Sweetening the Release Day Pot


Don’t sit there like a bump on a log. Preorder my book!  Re-blog!  Re-tweet!

Last week I announced that my new book The 14th Mansion releases on all the major eBook outlets on July 1st.  I started a promotion — free downloads of the two previous novels for everyone who pre-books (<—click here for links to the most popular sites).

Now I’m sweetening the deal.

If you re-blog this post, or re-tweet the tweet below, I’ll add your name (or twitter handle) to the dedication of my next book! 

Look, this is your chance at a slice of immortality.  And, if that’s not enough, when I hit the big time — I’m on the NY Times Bestseller list, sitting across the desk from Jimmy Fallon and what-not — you can say “You know that writer who hosted SNL last night?  He dedicated a book to me!”

So go ahead.  Prebook.  Put your name in the comments over here and get your free downloads.  Re-blog and re-tweet so you can live forever in a book dedication.  All for the low, low price of $3.99.

Pre-order my New Book and Get Free Stuff

The 14th Mansion — Available July 1st 2014!

You should go and pre-order my upcoming horror and occult mystery thriller The 14th Mansion right now.  Why?  Because it’s good.  But, if you need a better reason than that, I’ll give you free stuff.

The way I see it, you blog-follower-pre-ordery-type people are my most loyal fans, so I should do something nice for you, right?

All you have to do is go pre-order the book by clicking one of the links at the bottom of this post and then make a comment below.  Make sure you check the box that allows you to follow subsequent comments.  On release day — July 1st — I’ll post a coupon code in the comments of this post that will allow you to download the other two books in the series free at Smashwords.com!  If you’re such a hardcore fan that you’ve already read the other two, just say so and I’ll send you an envelope full of real live actual ‘zines — booklets, short stories, and other print items written by yours truly that you can’t get any other way (unless of course you run into me at Richmond Zinefest or if you come to DC Zinefest this August).

Are you still here?  What are you waiting for?  Here are links to the most popular places you can pre-order The 14th Mansion.

Smashwords Pre-order page

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