The Tower (courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Tower (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Dim lights and set a timer for 10 mins. Lean card against an object such as a stack of books so that it is at or near eye level when you are in your meditative pose of choice (sit or recline any way you wish, as long as spine is straight and neither arms nor legs are crossed).   If you do not own a Tarot deck, pull up the image on the right with your cell phone and stand it up instead (make sure you change the screensaver settings to prevent your phone from going to sleep).  Take several deep breaths and relax. Regulate breathing to a deep and slow rhythm and droop eyelids slightly with eyes focused on the card.  As you sink deeper into your meditation, sink also into the image. Allow yourself to be fully present, as if you are standing inside the actual scene which the card depicts. Allow yourself to experience the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that attend the experience of being in that imaginary place.  When the timer beeps, open your eyes and slowly exit your meditative pose and state.  Record your thoughts and impressions in our journal, diary, or workout log.

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