Jam Packed Update and Your #WOD

1. First things first. Here’s your WOD and a book recommendation:


PTDICE HIIT: 6 x 30 secs AMAYC of Push-ups (tap shoulder with opposite hand between reps), Side Crunches, Steam Engines, Hindu Squats, and rest — 15 mins total. Heavy bag HIIT: 20 x :20/:10 max power punches and kicks — 10 mins total.

2. My new calisthenics eBook is selling like snowcones at a jalapeno eating contest. If you dig working out, go get it.

3. I went camping this past weekend. Even though it was as hot as Satan’s underpants, and even though we had to head home early on account of severe storms, we had a great time. For the grandkids I made masks out of Poplar leaves. We saw a big ‘ol rat snake. We ate delicious food items. Made it home before the storm hit, just in time to see a tree in my backyard break in half. Pictures below.

Have a funnest day ever! Remember: every day on this side of the grass is a good day.




3 responses to “Jam Packed Update and Your #WOD

  1. The shoulder tap push ups are really hard! But I loved it. How do you do steam engines?

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks! So, here’s how to do Steam Engines (which are basically standing bicycle crunches): Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Interlace fingers behind neck. Slowly and with good control, raise knee and touch to opposite elbow. Lower foot to floor and repeat, alternating sides. If you do them without snapping or jerking they are an excellent exercise. Let me know what you think!

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