Striking Accuracy Drill

wpid-20151014_074134.jpgCan you still punch accurately when your arms are gassed?  Use today’s Cabal Fang WOD to answer that question.

  1. Dumbbells:  Complete 4 x 10 of Military Press, Squats, Pump Curls, Squat/Curl/Press with 1 min. rest between sets.  Start first set with 25% of your SSM, then 50%, 75%, and finally 100%.  This should take about 12 mins.
  2. Rest 1 minute.
  3. Punching Accuracy Drill: Set timer for 3 x 3:00/1:00.  For each 3 min leg, hit your double-end ball with solid combos while executing clean shoulder pops to dodge the returns.  During each 1 min break, practice your tennis ball grabs, alternating hands.
  4. Total elapsed workout time: 25 mins.

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