Your WOD and Three Genius Actors

What the…?  Did you know that Robert Forster (from the movie Jackie Brown) is a member of the Tripe Nine Society (people with IQ higher than the 99.9%)?

And how about that James Franco?  He got his BA in English from UCLA in 2006, graduating with a 3.5 GPA.  He obtained his Master’s in Fine Arts from Columbia in 2010.  And he’s an accomplished painter.

Nolan Gould, the kid from the TV show Modern Family, graduated from high school at age 13.  He is a member of the high IQ society Mensa and plays six different musical instruments – double bass, banjo, mandolin, sitar, and didgeridoo.

Now for your Cabal Fang WOD.

  • Rope Weight Combo Conditioner.  Set timer to beep at 1 min. intervals.  Select 2 dumbbells 40% your 1RM.  Complete 4 sets of Dumbbell Presses, alternating (1:00), Squats (1:00), Jump Rope (2:00).  Total = 16 mins.
  • Ground-fighting Conditioner #4.  Put on your MMA gloves and set timer for 10 minutes.  Shin or Knee Ride bag, face post, and punch “head” 10 times.  Slide leg over into mount and strike 10 times.  Body lock bag and roll to guard.  Push up bag with one hand and strike it 10 times with the other.  Hip escape and advance back to Shin or Knee Ride and repeat as many times as you can before the timer beeps.



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