WOOTW Replacing WOD

For the last three years or so I’ve been using randomization tools to arrive at my daily workouts.  That was great for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was that my body and mind were always guessing.  A martial artist should be ready for anything, right?


The problem is, some things that require a careful plan in order to make progress.  One of those things is strength.  And since I want to get stronger, I’ve had to change how I work out  (more details here).

What this means to you, gentle reader, is that you’re no longer going to be seeing WODs (“Workouts of the Day”) three or four days a week.

Since the only day I’m going to be doing something creative and random is Saturdays, you’re going to start seeing a weekly WOOTW (“Work Out Of The Week”) instead.  Last week’s WOOTW was pretty frickin’ heinous.  Check it out here.






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