Cabal Fang WOOTW #1 (Work Out Of The Week) with Video!

20160423_095547.jpgCabal Fang WOOTW #1 (WOOTW stands for Work Out Of The Week) is a ground fighting strength and mobility conditioner.

How do I come up with these ridiculously crazy and wildly creative workout ideas?  Well, for one thing, I have designed and made some really cool and quirky workout randomization tools.  I roll the dice and, using the benefit of 30 years of martial arts and fitness experience, I riff off of the results.  Think of it as martial arts dice jazz or muscle movement be-bop boxing improv.  Yep, kind of like that.

Cabal Fang WOOTW #1: Ground-fighting Strength and Mobility Conditioner

Set timer to beep at 1 min. intervals.  Complete 3 full sets of 1 min. each of the following 6 exercises (18 mins total): Gorilla Walk, Monkey Roll, Shrimp, Walking Push-ups, Walking Lunges, Jackknifes (video below).






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