Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

A friend of my daughter Amber took this photo for me. Pretty cool huh?

If you’re reading this on release day — May 5th, 2018 —  my son and I are on the way to Virginia Motor Sports Park in Petersburg, Virginia to run in the Rugged Maniac obstacle course to benefit the Cabal Fang Temple (click here to donate $10.00 to sponsor us).

The race is approximately 3 miles/5K and 25 obstacles.  Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately it’s too late to run with us.  But if you’d like to “play the home game” let me introduce you to…


Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

Simulated 5K obstacle run.  CR45P.  Ideal when done at an outdoor gym or fitness trail.   Set timer for 9 x 3:00/2:00 (45 mins total).  For 3:00 interval, run fastest manageable pace without breaking stride.  For first half of  the 2:00 interval perform as many Chin-ups (Clap Push-ups or Push-ups if there’s no equipment) as you can, Squats for the second half.  Repeat 8 more times.  When you gas —  unless you’re Captain America you will — just jump up to the bar and do negative Chins (or Push-ups on knees). 

If you’re kinda big for your britches, Circuit Breaker will stretch to fit you just fine, assuming of course you don’t lollygag and that you are training (not “working out”).   Look at your watch and manage your time so you don’t rest and/or waste time switching between exercises.  No rest — just adjust your pace so that you work as hard as you can for the whole 45 mins.


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