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Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

A friend of my daughter Amber took this photo for me. Pretty cool huh?

If you’re reading this on release day — May 5th, 2018 —  my son and I are on the way to Virginia Motor Sports Park in Petersburg, Virginia to run in the Rugged Maniac obstacle course to benefit the Cabal Fang Temple (click here to donate $10.00 to sponsor us).

The race is approximately 3 miles/5K and 25 obstacles.  Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately it’s too late to run with us.  But if you’d like to “play the home game” let me introduce you to…


Circuit Breaker: Training Involution #104

Simulated 5K obstacle run.  CR45P.  Ideal when done at an outdoor gym or fitness trail.   Set timer for 9 x 3:00/2:00 (45 mins total).  For 3:00 interval, run fastest manageable pace without breaking stride.  For first half of  the 2:00 interval perform as many Chin-ups (Clap Push-ups or Push-ups if there’s no equipment) as you can, Squats for the second half.  Repeat 8 more times.  When you gas —  unless you’re Captain America you will — just jump up to the bar and do negative Chins (or Push-ups on knees). 

If you’re kinda big for your britches, Circuit Breaker will stretch to fit you just fine, assuming of course you don’t lollygag and that you are training (not “working out”).   Look at your watch and manage your time so you don’t rest and/or waste time switching between exercises.  No rest — just adjust your pace so that you work as hard as you can for the whole 45 mins.


I’m no Bruce Lee: Intro to Non-dualism

Life imitating art imitating life

Life imitating art imitating life

Pretty sure this faceless dude in a yellow jumpsuit is supposed to be a depiction of Bruce Lee.  How could I resist the temptation to kick alongside the “little dragon?”

I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you do a jump kick?”  Answer: because I’m an old fart and my jumping days are pretty much behind me.  To be honest, I never was much a jump kicker, even back in the 80’s, a.k.a. “the Taekwondo years.”

I’ve caught myself thinking about those days quite a bit recently.  I can’t say why.  I’ve forgotten some of my hyung (also know as tul or poomse) and that makes me a little sad and nostalgic.  Not enough to put on a uniform and go back mind you.   I love what I’m doing now too much.

I can’t say that Cabal Fang, the martial art I founded, is “better” than Taekwondo.  That would be like saying a screwdriver is better than a hammer.  No tool is better than another because each as its own specific functions.

It’s hard to put on a uniform and go to Taekwondo class, to follow instructions, stand in line, memorize movements and material, follow directions, and so on.  But it is also hard to be responsible for your own education, to fight with more contact, to test and re-test techniques for effectiveness, and to stay focused without the external support of fifty other people who all dress the same.  Which is most difficult?  Well, which is harder: walking a hundred miles of road with the support of fifty friends, or hiking twenty miles through uncharted wilderness with a couple of your buddies?  It’s an impossible question with no meaningful answer.

The trap of dualism is deep and wide, and few escape.  Evaluating, categorizing, judging seem to be engrained in human DNA.  Black and white, good and bad, left and right, moral and immoral.  Opposites.  Value judgments.  Which is better: blue or safety orange?   Depends.  Are you dressing for a hunting trip or a job interview?  Are you painting the shutters on your house, or highway cones?

But more importantly: what do you want to paint today?