Some Kind of Green : The Setup

I mentioned in a previous post that I watched the movie END: CIV over at the Wingnut the other night.  In the wake of that experience I have restructured this blog.  There are now 3 categories: Martial Arts, Writing, and Some Kind of Green.  The Some Kind of Green category will be about my attempt at living differently.

“What’s with the name?”

There are the Bright Greens and then there are the Deep Greens.  I suspect both might be onto something.  I don’t know what color I am, I just know I’m ‘some kind of green.’

“What are you going to do?”

1. I will buy 100% of my food from independent farmers and grocers, and I will eat out only at indie restaurants.
2. I will freecycle, trade, dumpster dive, or make everything else when possible.  Failing that, I will purchase from yard sales, Craigslist, and indie charities like Books, Bikes, and Beyond Thrift Store.  Absolute worst case, I will buy used or refurbished goods from retailers.
3. I will recycle and learn how to compost.  The only disposable product I will buy is toilet paper.
4. I will not actively support popular entertainment.  I will buy all music, movies, etc. directly from indie artists, or pick up used CDs from yard sales, indie retailers, etc.
5. I will actively pursue cutting gas consumption by finding another way to get to work, working from home, etc.
6. I will try to find a way to invest in my future without investing in the stock market.

“Any exceptions?”

Yes: coffee, tobacco, and razors (without my Cafe du Monde and General Snus I’d be dead within 30 days; without razors my wife wouldn’t touch me).I have a wife, four kids, three grand-kids, and a host of friends who don’t see things the same why I do.  I’m going to take my wife to go see the latest blockbuster romance movie and have a beer with my buddies at the chain restaurant from time to time.  I will not allow my views to alienate me from the people I love.   But whenever I cheat, slip up, or otherwise break any of the rules, I will fess up publicly on this blog.

“Be honest dude!  Why are you doing this?”

Because I’m sick of feeling guilty and apathetic, and I’m ready to take responsibility for my actions.

9 responses to “Some Kind of Green : The Setup

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  4. This is a good idea. I sort of did this for a few years in my 20s. It was difficult – especially the not alienating others part. I think it’s great what you’re doing, but by the same token don’t drive yourself crazy either. The most important thing is to have the energy to keep going with what you can. I think it would be cool if everyone even did what you’re doing 20% of the time. I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll too.

  5. Thanks. Lots of people think radical thoughts but are afraid to speak or act differently than their neighbors owing to ‘sheep effect.’ My hope is that folks will see what I’m doing, read my tips, insights, feelings, etc., and be emboldened to live differently. And yes, it’s tough and it’s driving me crazy (crazy- ER actually), but what am I going to do? I gotta do what I know is right.

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