Some Kind of Storm

One of them there "Saladz"

Yesterday was my first cheat under the plan.  Hurricane Irene threw a monkey wrench into my routine and I didn’t prepare for lunch Monday.  On the way to the office I stopped by Calhoun’s Country Store to grab something (trying to at least buy from a local merchant) and they were closed — no power.  Irene causing more problems.

Had to buy one of those “saladz” from the Megacorp’s Food/Gas/Beer Multiplex.

I am thankful that I was only a little inconvenienced by Irene.  Some people lost their lives to the power of nature.

For me, Hurricane Irene knocked out the power and simultaneously delivered quiet, peace, and the closeness of family. Crayons and cards by candlelight, guitar playing, sleeping in real silence, relaxation. A taste of what life could be like in a post-tech world.

I’m up early this morning, cooking for the week so that I can eat healthy food purchased locally.

2 responses to “Some Kind of Storm

  1. When Drew and I lost power we lit candles, sketched for a couple hours, and enjoyed the complete peace and silence as well.

  2. And now I ask myself why I haven’t been turning off all the stuff — voluntarily — more often!

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