Some Kind of Liver & Onions

Liver and Onions from Ma & Pa's Diner

What are you looking at is the liver and onions from Ma & Pa’s Diner in Sandston, VA.  Delicious, and plenty of it (try the fried chicken sometime).  Was the food organic or free range?  Not likely.

But it was, almost as importantly, Ma’s daughter who took my to-go order, Pa who bussed dishes while I waited, and Ma who rang me up.

Did I put any money into the hands of a faceless megacorp?  Indirectly I suppose, since there’s a 90% chance that Ma & Pa buy their food from PFG or some other massive restaurant supply company.

Ma & Pa’s Diner ain’t perfect, but then, neither am I.  And I feel a lot better giving my money to Ma & Pa than I do about giving it to purveyors of pink slime.

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