Some Kind of Green Progress Report

Stuff from Ellwood Thompson's

Okay, when I started the “Some Kind of Green” project I said I was going to confess when I failed and point out my wins so you could avoid my pitfalls and duplicate my successes. Here’s where I’m at so far.


I haven’t started composting. I’ve read about both wet and dry methods, and I think I’m going to go with the dry, but I haven’t started yet.

Poor planning and my crazy work schedule has forced me to eat lunch at chain places once or twice a week. I had a made to order salad from the gasoline muliplex yesterday, and I’ll have to do that again today. On two different Saturdays I’ve eaten at Cook Out which is a technical failure. They’re a small chain, but they’re still a chain. It really requires perfect planning and regimentation to avoid eating out at chains.

Our Thanksgiving Turkey was a factory one. Price was a concern, but mainly flavor. A friend said free-range turkey tasted awful, and although I was game to try it anyway, the family was afraid to go for it.

We are still shopping at Kroger and/or Costco for most of our staples. At this point we really can’t afford to get everything we need from a non-chain grocer.

I haven’t been able to find a greener way to get to the office.  Thinking about getting a used motorcycle next year.  That will depend on the money situation and whether or not I can find something small that’s street-legal.


I developed a greener financial plan: no more new stock investments for me — I’m making early mortgage payments instead.

In the kitchen and dining room we’ve 90% switched to cloth napkins and rags. We get a roll of paper towels maybe once every month or two, and use paper napkins only for parties.

As for toilet paper, we now use only 100% recycled with high post-consumer content.

I’m buying more stuff at Ellwood Thompsons — mainly bulk nuts, beans, etc. but also things that are at least close in price to chain market prices (like herbal tea, bagged salad, chicken if it’s on sale, etc.) I’m also buying Preserve razors and toothbrushes made out of recycled yogurt cups there.

I developed a capsule wardrobe.  Donated all my extra clothes to charity and haven’t bought any “new” clothes yet.  I really need a pair of dark wash jeans but can’t find any that are used and/or USA Made.  Might have to go the eBay route.

Signed up for Richmond Freecycleemails.  Haven’t offered or taken anything yet.

Still getting all of my red meat from Auburnlea Farms (free range, antibiotic free, grass fed, local), still getting my eggs either from my farmer friend Gene or buying free range from wherever I shop, still recycling, etc.

So far so good, but a long way to go.  If anybody has suggestions, please comment.

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