Review: TigerClaw Clear Face Shield


I recently purchased the clear face shield from TigerClaw.  I’ve been wearing it during self defense practice, when attacking, and being attacked by, wooden weapons.

The shield does not fog, and has not cracked despite being hit several times with considerable force by big guys wearing MMA gloves, as well as being struck by mock wooden knives.   Although its stating purpose is not for full contact protection, it seems to be holding up for 85% force contact. No cracks and few scratches.

The shield only works with the top of line foam headgear. The shield retails for $57.39 and the headgear for $26.99 for a total price of $84.38. Of course, if you have a wholesale account it’s much less.

So far it’s well worth it’s wholesale price. The protection level, when practicing against weapons, is far better than just goggles and mouthpiece. The only downside I can see is that it is made in China.

If and when it breaks I’ll be sure to update.

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