Why I Changed My Blog’s Tagline

A week ago my wife asked me what was up with the old tagline for this blog.  That got me thinking.  So I changed the blog’s tagline from “I’m a writer and martial artist who’s trying to save the world” to the new “I’m a Writer, Martial Artist, and Mystic.”

I did this because:

1. Saving the world is still my goal, but instead of whining about what’s wrong, I’ve started talking about what I’m doing.  Most intelligent people already know what the world is up against.  What they don’t know is what the heck they’re supposed to do.

2. A tagline that says you’re trying to save the world translates as “Get ready for a preachy blog full of pie-in-the-sky bullshit written by a whiny guy who thinks he knows everything.”  Since I’m no longer whining, and I never thought I knew everything (and still don’t), a change was in order.

3.  I’d like to sell some books.  People who come here won’t read them if the tagline makes them think my stuff is preachy and whiny.

That is all.

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