Yes, as a spiritual person and a serious martial artist I am aware of the obvious criticisms of MMA, martial arts movies, and the men and women who participate in those activities.  I am often critical of both myself.

I am not a star-struck idol worshipper who thinks these guys are perfect.  But GSP (George St-Pierre) is probably the smartest, most professional, intelligent and skilled mixed martial artist alive today.  And as for JCVD (Jean-Claude Van Damme), you can’t say you know anything about what he’s capable of as an actor until you’ve seen the movie JCVD.  His spiritual side is clearly at war with his ego.  Sometimes his ego wins.  But at least there is a battle, which is more than many people can say.

Now, with all the qualifications done, let me say that JCVD and GSP are too much cool for one dojo.

Thanks to MMA Mania for the article about their budding friendship.

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