Nott and Dagr

Not the usual thing I blog about, but I’m a proud Papa.

My son and his team at Mutiny Games entered Indie Speed Run, the 48-hour video game design competition.  Click the screen shot above to go play it and rate it!

The game is called Nott and Dagr.  You are a raging Viking warrior (Thor?) who rampages around the village of Chipmunkia, smashing buildings and slaying chipmunks.  But when dusk falls, you must redeem yourself by giving the chipmunks a proper burial and by rebuilding all of the homes you destroyed.  And if you don’t, it’s curtains for your Viking ‘hero’ (let’s just say protagonist, shall we?)

Who knew chipmunks have such potty mouths!  Thank goodness they got bleeped (partially at least).  These are definitely not Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, let me tell you…

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