Plug-n-Play Plutocrats

The Who said it best — “Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.”

Just ask John C. Kiriakou.  He spoke out against water-boarding and what did he get?  Persecution.  He should be getting a medal not 30 months in jail.  Doesn’t sound like “Hope and Change” or like moving us “Forward.”

Obama has the worst clemency record in U.S. Presidential history.  He’s using more drones than Bush, and his advisers now support what they once condemned.

There’s been little significant difference between Presidents in my lifetime.  Personality?  Sure.  But substance?

The Civilization Machine keeps grinding on, chewing up Nature and spewing out filth, carbon, oppression, death and fear; and near its heartless engine clangs the colossal pacemaker America.  Tick, tock, tick, tock, a mechanized march of plug-and-play plutocrats.  Pull, vote, plug.  Pull, vote, plug.

We swap out parts but never overhaul the machine.  I guess we’re waiting for TEOTWAWKI to do that.

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