Give Me Your Ten Commandments

I follow a blog by a teacher named Andrew B. Watt.  Inspired by another blogger, who was inspired by the Georgia Guidestones, a couple of weeks ago Mr. Watt asked his readers to list ten commandments to be carved in stone.

I’d like to ask the same of my readers.  Give me your ten commandments.  Here is the current version of mine:

1. Find out who you are and then follow your inner moonlight.

2. Fear not Hell nor desire Heaven.

3. Embrace Chaos, for Order is a mad god’s dream.

4. Make every pursuit a creation of Art.

5.  Desire as few material things as possible, and then only that which you can provide yourself.

6. Tolerate no intermediaries between yourself and your God.

7. Simplify everything.

8. Learn to distinguish wit from wisdom, observation from solution, and fame from leadership.

9. Build nothing expecting it to endure.

10. Understand that all living things are threads in the cloth of the Universe.

2 responses to “Give Me Your Ten Commandments

  1. It’s actually Andrew B. Watt, but that’s OK. It’s a nice list you’ve got here.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Thanks Andrew — correction to your name has been made!

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