A Chance Encounter with Warehouse Art Gallery

IMG_20130209_170217One of the highlights of the weekend getaway my wife and I recently enjoyed was the Warehouse Art Gallery.  We both enjoyed it hugely.  Although there were dozens of great pieces by many different artists of all kinds — painters, sculptors, photographers, furniture makers, and so on — it was the work of Chance Liscomb that really floored me.

This is the piece that greets you in the parking lot outside.  It’s by Chance Liscomb — a 6′ peace sign peppered with bullet holes.IMG_20130209_170301

Art like his inspires creativity – not to copy or duplicate, but to do your own thing and aspire to the same level of mastery.  I highly recommend stopping by the warehouse if you’re ever in Luray.  Admission is free.


By Chance Liscomb. I apologize for my poor photography skills. On the right you will see a selection of hospital bracelets. It has two sides and is very complex. Trust me, it’s worth driving to Luray just to see this thing. You have to get up close and walk around it to appreciate it.


This is a close-up of the top. It’s called “Artist in Residence” if I recall properly. The entire thing is about 6′ tall.


“The Hell with Dell.” I couldn’t make out the first initial, but I know it’s by somebody named Liscomb, probably Chance. Apparently the Liscombs are a very creative family, because the name pops up elsewhere in the gallery. The other Liscomb stuff has an entirely different character (smoother, more natural materials, and so on).

Here is a selection of other stuff by Chance.  IMG_20130209_165712

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