Dream Forever

imageIsn’t it amazing when kids just fearlessly say and create what they feel and slice through the bullshit?  When they lead us instead of us leading them?

My daughter drew this a few years ago, I think when she was about 12, and the other day we found it.

Thanks to her for reminding me to dream forever.  I will live every day as an expression of Art.  I will dream of penning great stories, of leading others toward the sun, of helping to create a joyful world for all living things, of teaching the weak to become strong and the strong to be compassionate.

Yes, my darling daughter, through the clouds of the day-to-day I will dream forever.  And I hope you will too.

3 responses to “Dream Forever

  1. Rachel Izabella

    Even though we home school, I probably learn much more from my children than they do from me. Thank you for your touching blog entry.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Thanks! My kids, and increasingly my grandkids, are a fount of inspiration and wisdom for me.

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