What Your Blog Means to Me: Moma Fauna

I spent over a year working on a project called In the Drip of an Eave.  It didn’t sell very well.  Some time later I decided to go and see if anybody had blogged about it.  I did a little search and something came up on a blog called Pray to the Moon.

A blogger named Moma Fauna had made an off-hand remark that she was reading to her child from the little book of fairy-tales I had written and included in the kit she bought from me.

I was deeply touched by the image of a mother and child reading together from something I wrote and illustrated.  If you don’t have kids you probably don’t get it.  I mean look, parents insulate their kids from junk, and they only share things with their kids they feel are good.  Suddenly I saw that my art has a spirit of its own, that it seeps into the world like water, that it’s bigger than me.  She doesn’t even know it, but her one little comment might be the high point of my career as a writer to date.  It made me feel simultaneously proud and humble.  It still makes me want to be a better writer and a better pagan.

I explored her blog and found out that there’s a reason why she won the Pagan Pages Blog Hop award back in May 2012.  She is smart, articulate, and knowledgeable, and hilarious when she wants to be.  Her blog oozes magic and lore, and the depth and sincerity of her spirituality shines out in detailed and engaging posts.  Hers is not a blog by someone futzing around with earth-based spirituality or pretending to be something — it’s the blog of a fully-invested animist picking her own path and living it every day.

Moma, I read every post you write.  I send to you and your family all the brightest blessings.

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