Snapping Turtle Rescue

Snapper_1 On Friday morning I headed out the door for work and found a common snapper in my front yard.  To keep her from getting mowed straight to hell by my yard guy or one of the neighbors, I gave her a lift down to the pond at the end of the block.

As you can see, she’s a young one.  Could be a male — yes, I admit it, I don’t know how to determine snapping turtle sex — but I’m assuming female because this is the prime breeding season and you often spot them wandering around this time of year trying to find good spots to lay eggs.  Then again, she looks a little immature to be breeding, so maybe she was looking for greener pastures.  Who knows?

Snapper_2You’ll notice I’m wearing gloves.  Being somewhat familiar with these fascinating creatures, I know that (1) they always crap on you as a defense mechanism and (2) they have long, flexible necks and can bite like mad.  My gloves are now in need of a darn good washing — Phew!

Little nipper is safe and sound I hope.

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