Don’t Tax My Credit Union! (and why Credit Unions are really cool)

Congress is considering an overhaul of the federal tax code that could result in an end to the income tax exemption for credit unions. 

America’s credit unions are in jeopardy.  To send a message to your congressperson, or learn more about this issue, visit

Why should you care?

Because, from their inception, credit unions have been a way for regular people in a big-money-corporation-dominated society to get reliable and friendly financial services at a reasonable rate.  Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives — which means that dividends are converted back into more affordable rates, lower costs, and improved benefits to members.

Did you know that Credit Unions have fared 3 times better than banks through the financial crisis?  Check out this article.  Then contact your congresspeople and tell them not tax credit unions.

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