Leadership Isn’t Complicated (7 simple rules)

imageI have a day job, and in that day job I’m a leader.  I’ve learned a few things about leadership I’d like to share.

Being a solid leader isn’t rocket science.  Here are the bullet points:

  1. Make sure that 80% of all interaction is positive.  Start by saying good morning to everybody on your team.  Start everyone’s day with a compliment.
  2. Defend your team no matter what.  If they screw up, take responsibility yourself when talking to higher-ups.  Never, ever, throw anybody under the bus.
  3. When your team succeeds, give them the credit.  That’s right — they get the credit when they do well, you get the blame when they mess up.  Sucks to be the leader.  Get over it.
  4. Be truthful, honest, consistent, and prompt in dealing the situations.  Don’t let anything fester.
  5. Get weak players up to speed or get them off the team.  Break your back to train and foster them until you’re sure they just can’t do the work.  Then make the tough call before they wreck everything.
  6. Don’t gossip.  Never discuss one member of your team with another member of your team unless it’s 100% positive.  “Marge did an awesome job!” is fine.  “Joey screwed up royally” or “Pat did okay” are not.
  7. Give your team clear objectives, proper tools, solid training, and make yourself available for guidance.  Don’t micro-manage.  Just allow them to succeed.

Do these things and your team will be happy and productive, they will love you and defend you to the bitter end, and together you will overcome all obstacles.


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