Productivity Boost – Get Moving

If a standing desk arrangement isn’t your cup of tea, check out this spiffy post about exercise breaks…

Live to Write - Write to Live

You’ve heard the mantras:

Writers, write.

Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard. Go!

Free weightsStill, humans weren’t really built to sit still for long periods of time and yet, that is what so many of us do every day. We sit, at a desk, for 8+ hours poking our keyboards and staring at our monitors. More and more we are hearing that the path to productivity, is NOT more hours, it is higher QUALITY hours. A fellow writer Nancy Mirtle, shared this article by Rachelle Gardener about interval training for writers. Based on the work of Tony Schwartz Gardener suggests setting a timer for 90 minutes and focusing on writing without interruption. On the days I can make this work with my schedule, it’s gold, pure productivity gold. There is however a catch for me and, I suspect, other writers.

If the diagnosis ADHD had been around 30 years…

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