The Bulletproof Coffee Experiment: Final Results

The Bulletproof® coffee experiment ended after only five days.  Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

  • Day One: I did in fact feel bulletproof.  I had a super workout and bottomless energy all day.  Might have been placebo effect.
  • Day Two: I was so non-specifically angry that my workout was unfocused and I had to spend a half hour meditating in order to get my head sufficiently together to go to work and be around other people.  Very scary and unpleasant.  I’m a happy-go-lucky guy and it freaked me out.
  • Days Three and Four:  Better, but sill cranky and irascible until noon.
  • Day Five:  A forty-minute morning workout felt like the Bataan Death March.  Mood almost as bad as day two.  As I got into the truck to go to the office I hit my head on the visor.  Didn’t even hurt, yet it took every bit of self control I had to stop myself from ripping the visor off and hurling it into the street.  End of experiment.
  • Final waistline and weight results: Zilch.  Waist and weight measurements exactly the same on Day Five as they were on Day One.

I can only guess that the destruction of my mood was caused by hormone changes (testosterone boost?) and/or crankiness caused by ketogenesis.

This stuff might work for some people, but for me it’s Kryptonite.

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